Spring 2021 Cohort

Please remember that this information is confidential, and we ask that you not share the following information with anyone outside of Stadia or the startups.

#1: AXLE.AI  (Boston, MA)

Axle AI created a platform that helps media teams in sports, corporate and broadcast to collaborate, manage, and search their video content remotely. Their traction includes $1M in revenue with 90% gross margins, and their sports clients include FC Brugge, Los Angeles Clippers, Lucas Oil Motorsports, Madison Square Gardens, New York Yankees, Scottish FA and Valve.

Product Demo

#2: FILMILY  (Totnes, UK)

The award-winning Filmily SaaS fan-engagement platform harvests fan-based content and uses patented AI/machine learning technology to stitch the various videos together to create bespoke highly targeted short-form content which can be shown on screens in stadiums and shared across multiple social channels. Traction included the USTA Open in 2019 (integrated into the USTA app and managed by IBM); and working with Wasserman, they have worked with the Basketball Champions League Final in Athens, and are currently working with the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys.

Product Demo



#3: HEALIUM  (Columbia, MO)

Healium is an immersive media channel powered by biometric data from consumer wearables. They give people ‘superpowers’ to control virtual worlds with their minds and hearts. Their patented technology allows the user to modify and recommend virtual, mixed, or augmented reality content via EEG, heart rate, and other biometrics. Traction includes usage worldwide by about 150 enterprises that reach more than 540,000 lives.

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#4: O2 INDUSTRIES  (Kitchener, Canada)

O2 is a performance respirator medical device company that connects human health to environmental health through proprietary technology and innovative solutions for athletes, consumers, physicians and Tier 1 Operators. Traction includes sales of 100,000 respirators and 2 million filters in 93 countries. In addition, O2 was named the UFC’s official respiratory partner.

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#5: PRESCIENT AI  (New York City, NY)

Prescient’s platform gives enterprise organizations the chance at rapid and accurate predictions to drive business outcomes. Their core value is forecasting Lifetime Value (LTV) and revenue with superior accuracy and recommending marketing spend based on predicted ROI with assets consisting of products, digital, retail, live-event, and sponsorships and monetized by “asset drivers” i.e. esports players, music artists, athletes, teams, etc. Traction includes engagements with Warner Music Group, Atlantic Records, Pfizer, Sony, The Overhead Door Company, and Universal Music Group.

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Detalus is an asset and wealth management firm whose mission is to help clients realize their financial goals by providing objective advice. For the past 20 years, they have worked with individuals, businesses and families who aspire to grow their wealth strategically and systematically. Their team brings decades of collective and individual investment experience coupled with a modern understanding of today’s markets. Headquartered in St. Louis, Detalus’ affiliated companies manage over $2.1 billion in assets (as of March 31, 2019) as part of their Wealth Management and Institutional practices. (www.detalus.com)



Kate DiLeo is Chief Brand Architect with brand strategy firm, Ennobble. She is a pragmatist who believes that brand is the path of least resistance to revenue and she is passionate about helping organizations create compelling common ground with their customers. Kate’s proprietary process quickly and effectively helps her clients articulate who they are, why they’re different, and how they solve their customer’s problem, all in only 3 – 4 weeks. The proof of Kate’s unique approach has led her to work with over 200 companies across 20 sectors, helping them craft authentic brands that get more prospects to the table, more users who click, and more customers who buy.  (www.ennobble.com)


Fenwick provides comprehensive legal services to ground-breaking technology companies at every stage of their lifecycle — and the investors that partner with them. The firm’s clients include leading innovators in the consumer technology, media, digital health and wellness, games, and esports industries. For more than four decades, Fenwick has helped some of the world’s most recognized companies become and remain market leaders. (www.fenwick.com)




Everyday Keystone Group International guides businesses, leaders, and teams to become more focused and aligned. They dig into the things you’re struggling with – the ones you can see, the ones that need to be uncovered, and the ones you’ve been mowing over that keep popping back up. They’ll push you, make you uncomfortable, and bust you loose from the status quo. They’ll change the way you think, impact the way you approach your issues, and together create breakthroughs. Their passion is to help high-potential businesses stop mowing dandelions and learn how to deal with the real issues. They have proven processes and tools that give you the power to change the trajectory of your business and drive success. Keystone is passionate about helping businesses in three main areas: ensuring your Strategy is strong, your People are engaged, and your Culture is a competitive advantage. (www.keystonegroupintl.com)


Teknos Associates is a respected valuation and advisory services firm focused exclusively on technology related companies (especially those in the esports and gaming space). It is this focus that gives them a deep familiarity with the innovative culture and unique challenges of technology markets and makes them a valued partner to emerging growth companies and their investors.   (www.teknosassociates.com)



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