Aggregated Media (Spring 2022)

Spring 2022

Los Angeles, CA & Charleston, SC

Aggregated Media (A8) is an esports content platform that drives new revenue for esports “micro” influencers and deeper audience engagement for leading brands. Armed with years of expertise and network in the esports space, A8 has solved the challenge of delivering to brands the proven higher engagement of micro influencers at the same scale as some of the biggest influencers in the world.

TRACTION INCLUDES: Having executed 30+ Twitch, YouTube, podcast, and social media shows reaching more than 6.5 million unique esports fans, the company has established itself as a leader in esports and gaming journalism.



Ludimos (Spring 2022)

Spring 2022

Amstelveen, Netherlands

Ludimos is the world’s first AI-assisted video analysis platform that helps cricketers make measurable progress faster and smarter, all without the need for any additional hardware or sensors. Targeting over 160MM non-professional cricket players around the world, the company markets its B2B software platform to coaches and players.

TRACTION INCLUDES: With an IPL team, two counties in the United Kingdom and eight national associations already using the platform, Ludimos has validated the market opportunity and is rapidly accelerating its growth curve.



Mantis XR (Spring 2022)

Spring 2022

Vancouver, Canada

Mantis XR sits at the intersection of social commerce and the Metaverse by creating photorealistic 3D e-commerce experiences for sports and retail brands. Fans can shop global, like a local, simply by accessing a url from any device without any 360 degree cameras, digital twins or wearables required.

TRACTION INCLUDES: Mantis completed a successful pilot with the St. Louis Blues during the 2021/22 season, and they currently have traction with highly differentiated, non-commodity products, such as wineries and automotive, with a rapidly-growing sales pipeline of sports teams and brands.



Raw Stadia (Spring 2022)

Spring 2022

Hasselt, Belgium

Raw Stadia is a hardware/data analytics platform that enables elite sports teams worldwide to performance test their playing surfaces while visualizing its impact on player performance and injury risk with actionable, measurable data.

CLIENTS INCLUDE:  With zero customer churn and customers such as Liverpool FC, the Bundesliga and UEFA in over 20 countries, the company is poised for rapid growth across soccer, football, cricket and other sports



Wave Company (Spring 2022)

Spring 2022

Seoul, Republic of Korea

Wave Company is a diversified smart apparel company driving the future of tech-enabled recovery and movement. Its first patent-protected product, WaveWear, has sold over $2.5MM worldwide and is changing the way athletes recover and prevent injury through compression and kinesiology. The company is now leveraging its proprietary Elecsil technology to partner with leading consumer brands seeking to measure all aspects of human motion.




Wayfarer (Spring 2022)

Spring 2022

Chicago, IL & Hong Kong

Wayfarer Solutions, delivers a powerful and easy-to-use, SaaS-based platform for brands that uses gamification and play to make customer interactions personal, entertaining, and habit forming with few or no IT resources required. Their software drives measurable increases in brand loyalty, fan engagement and (ultimately) revenue.

TRACTION INCLUDES: Recent traction includes a major global airline and signing as the official gamification partner for a major credit card company, with a robust sales pipeline in the airline, retail and fast food industries.



Block Six Analytics (Fall 2016) – EXIT

FALL 2016

Chicago, IL

Block Six Analytics fuses together technology and analytics to enable buyers and sellers of sports sponsorship to clearly communicate using data to make better strategic decisions.

CLIENTS INCLUDE:  Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, Gatorade, MLS, New Jersey Devils, Pepsi, Philadelphia 76ers



Boost (Spring 2019) – EXIT


Seattle, WA

Boost uses artificial intelligence to level the playing field in sports scouting and recruiting. The platform extracts millions of data points from video and turns them into player comparisons and insights about skillset, performance, and sports IQ.

TRACTION:  7 college basketball teams and is an official data provider at The Portsmouth Invitational, which is the first of only two NBA pre-draft camps.



Gameface AI (Fall 2020) – EXIT

FALL 2020

Sydney, Australia

Gameface AI has built an analytics platform to extract event, tracking and performance data from live and archived sports videos using artificial intelligence and computer vision; with no additional infrastructure at venues.

TRACTION INCLUDES: Upcoming pilots with the National Basketball League (NBL) and FC Barcelona; and FIFA ranked them as the “Best Optical Tracking System” in commissioned EPTS benchmark tests.


GamerzArena (Spring 2018) – EXIT


Chicago, IL

GamerzArena hosts daily video game contests where users can compete across a variety of different game titles such as Fortnite, PUBG, League of Legends, Overwatch for cash and prizes while offering brands and video game studios a marketing activation platform to engage with new and existing customers in an organic fashion.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Barstool Sports



INFLCR (Fall 2018) – EXIT

FALL 2018

Birmingham, AL

INFLCR is a SaaS platform for sports team properties to store, track and deliver their content across their influencer network of athletes, coaches, former athletes, media and more.

ACQUIRED BY:  Teamworks



RockDaisy (Fall 2017) – EXIT

FALL 2017

New York City, NY

RockDaisy is a data visualization platform for front office staff, coaches and scouts. Built by former senior technologists at the NFL.

CLIENTS INCLUDE:  NFL, NHL, and NBA teams as well as global brands like National Geographic



Rookies (Fall 2015) – EXIT

FALL 2015

St. Louis, MO

Rookies creates fully personalized trading cards for all of life’s big events. Within minutes, users can edit everything about a baseball card; the photos, the text, and the color. Fans can share their digital cards or send to print a pack of physical baseball cards that rival the ones you opened as kids.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, Minor League Baseball, St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Blues, Under Armour



Upgraded (Fall 2017) – EXIT

FALL 2017

San Francisco, CA

Upgraded converts traditional event tickets into secure digital assets that are deployed onto an Ethereum Blockchain. These tickets work with existing entry systems while delivering digital encryption, enforceable sales restrictions, stored value capabilities, customer data, and other dynamic elements that turn any ticket into a “smart ticket”.

ACQUIRED BY:  Ticket Master and Live Nation



Fishidy (Fall 2015) – EXIT

FALL 2015

Madison, WI

Fishidy created the most advanced location-based fishing social network that provides hot-spot maps, local reports and tools to help you catch more fish. With over 1,000,000 users, they are ranked #2 on World Fishing Network’s list of “Top Mobile Fishing Apps.” In addition, they are ranked on World Fishing Network’s list of “Top Mobile Fishing Apps.”




Winning Identity (Fall 2015) – EXIT

FALL 2015

Toronto, Canada

Winning Identity provides golf software solutions to maximize athletic performance potential and heighten motivation for new generations of golfers in one centralized location. Leveraging partnerships with the Golf Channel, Golf Channel Academy and Golf Now, they are helping athletes and teams achieve their goals.

ACQUIRED BY:  Blast Motion



WeThink (Fall 2021)

Fall 2021

Los Angeles, CA

WeThink is a software built with multiplayer esports environments in mind to improve team and individual performance by developing the essential skills and behaviors that matter most like leadership, teamwork, problem solving, and character. By surfacing metrics on these skills, they are improving player awareness and ownership of skill development, team synergy, and performance.




Wearable X (Spring 2019)


New York City, NY

Wearable X designs and engineers smart textiles that incorporates patented sensing and feedback platform invisibly integrated into clothing. Nadi X is the most sophisticated product that is considered the “Peloton of Yoga.” It pairs their sensor and vibrational feedback built into yoga pants with a sophisticated analytics platform that allows the customer to practice their yoga and recovery on their own terms with the guidance of a “virtual” instructor. It offers better quality, personalized feedback in the comfort of their own home and costs less than a personal instructor.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Launched with Saks in the US and Selfridges in the UK, they have sold over 1,000 units direct to consumer.



VNTANA (Spring 2017)


Los Angeles, CA

VNTANA unifies and automates 3D workflows giving teams a centralized place to optimize, share, review, and distribute 3D models to ANY stakeholder or end-point.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Adidas, Anaheim Angels, Chicago Cubs, Intel, LA Clippers, LA Dodgers, Lexus, Marvel, Mercedes, Microsoft, NBC Universal, NFL Hall of Fame & Museum, Nickelodeon, Nike, Pepsi, San Diego Padres



Uplift Labs (Spring 2020)


Palo Alto, CA

Founded by a former Tesla senior executive, GoPro Advanced Technology senior leader, and Carnegie Mellon University machine learning scientist, Uplift’s AI-powered software digitizes human movement to improve athletic performance and reduce injuries using off-the-shelf cameras such as iPhones, GoPros, and high speed cameras. Uplift’s technology automatically tracks and analyzes any athlete’s or fitness enthusiasts performance in real-time without wearables.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: The world’s largest golf instruction company, global sports athletic brands, as well as pro and youth sports organizations



Trufan (Spring 2020)


Toronto, Canada

Trufan is a social intelligence platform that helps brands engage with their grassroots communities made up of brand advocates and micro influencers and helps them slice and dice their social audience to find an audience they want to market to. They have built a platform that has the capabilities a data scientist would love but with the ease of use that allows a marketing team to action out data faster.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Samsung, NBA, NFL, Netflix, Saudi Aramco and United Talent Agency along with a number of small-medium sized businesses



Sportcor (Fall 2021)

Fall 2021

Nerang, Australia

Sportcor combines the latest in advanced electronics and data analytics with that of the traditional sports equipment ball. The unique data collected by their sensors delivers previously unseen real time information across KPIs including speed, distance, force, collision and spin of a ball, offering players, coaches, broadcasters and fans a unique insight and engagement with sport on a whole new level.




Spalk (Spring 2018)


New Zealand & NYC

Spalk’s remote sportscasting studio empowers broadcasters, content owners, leagues, schools and teams to grow their audience by letting viewers choose a commentator to suit their preferred language, style or team bias, while driving audience growth and digital fan engagement.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: FIBA, Seven Network, Rugby Canada, Maori Television



Senaptec (Spring 2016)


Portland, OR

With elite athletes and teams using their system, Senaptec provides solutions to assess sensory performance, compare the results to others with similar demographics, and then improve capability.

CLIENTS INCLUDE:  Confidential; teams in Argentine Football, Australian Rugby, MLB, NFL, NBA, NCAA, NHL. Additional clients in U.S. Military and Optometry



Satisfi Labs (Fall 2016)

FALL 2016

New York City, NY

Satisfi is an intelligent engagement platform that combines the speed and accuracy of automation and the personality of a live person. Satisfi’s unique location-based, mobile solution enhances the on-site and online experience by introducing features like AI and bot technology to capitalize on previously unknown information and insights.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Atlanta Falcons, American Express, Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, Herschend Family Entertainment, Hilton Worldwide, Indiana Pacers, Jujamcyn Theaters, Kansas City Royals, Macy’s, Mall of America, MLBAM, New York Mets, Oklahoma City Thunder, Red Bull New York, Tampa Bay Bucaneers, Tampa Lightning, USTA



Rival.ai (Fall 2018)

FALL 2018

Toronto, Canada

Rival.ai is an esports technology company that provides advanced industry standard scouting reports for teams, trainers, and the betting community through the use of artificial intelligence.



Reely (Fall 2017)

FALL 2017

Santa Monica, CA

Reely uses a proprietary computer vision and artificial intelligence platform to provide professional video production and distribution capabilities at a fraction of the cost.  Their cloud-based platform automatically detects video highlights at 10x the speed of real time with over 95% accuracy in field sports.

CLIENTS INCLUDE:  Major League Lacrosse,  EverSport Media, RMN Wrestling, Sky Sports, Yokal Sports



RC21X (Spring 2017)


Pittsburgh, PA

RC21X created a human performance assessment tool that uses fun, easy-to-use video games to monitor brain performance, enhancement programs while improving on-field performance.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Over 600 NFL Athletes through the NFL Concussion Settlement, NovaCare, American Amateur Baseball Congress



Prescient AI (Spring 2021)


New York City, NY

Prescient’s platform gives enterprise organizations the chance at rapid and accurate predictions to drive business outcomes. Their core value is forecasting Lifetime Value (LTV) and revenue with superior accuracy and recommending marketing spend based on predicted ROI with assets consisting of products, digital, retail, live-event, and sponsorships and monetized by “asset drivers” i.e. esports players, music artists, athletes, teams, etc.

TRACTION INCLUDES: Engagements with Warner Music Group, Atlantic Records, Pfizer, Sony, The Overhead Door Company, and Universal Music Group.


Polpo AI (Fall 2020)

FALL 2020

Los Angeles, CA

Polpo AI is a fully automated, AI powered online content protection solution, using real-time discovery, verification and enforcement against online piracy for TV and mobile apps and IPTVs (Internet Protocol television) in addition to Video on Demand (VOD).

TRACTION INCLUDES: Two proof of concepts with a broadcaster in Mexico and a professional sports league in NYC, which requested a proposal for over 7,000 hours of live content production; and they are finalizing contracts for three new pilots that will proceed once sports return to play.


Pledge It (Spring 2019)


Harrisburg, PA

Pledge It is the leading sports crowdfunding platform empowering professional athletes, high school teams and fitness enthusiasts to earn donations based on their athletic performance.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Teams and athletes (like James Harden, Mike Trout, Lindsey Vonn and Russell Wilson) have raised more than $12M for causes from nearly 100,000 users, and Pledge It is trusted by the world’s top brands like adidas, CBS Sports, American Cancer Society and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.



Pico (Spring 2017)


Haifa, Israel

Pico – Get Personal is a data-driven fan marketing platform that helps sports teams and brands gather first-party data on their digital audience and market to them accordingly. Pico’s technology creates personalized fan experiences, highly targeted marketing, and the ability to reach fans where they are digitally

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Borussia Dortmund, Columbus Blue Jackets, FC Bayern Munich, Champions Hockey League, Mumbai Indians, Maccabi Tel Aviv BC, Nashville Predators, and others



Outdoor Access (Fall 2018)

FALL 2018

Richmond, VA

Outdoor Access is Airbnb for land and outdoor recreation. Their platform “Unlocks the Outdoors” by connecting landowners with outdoor enthusiasts for short-term land rental for recreational activities like hunting, fishing, kayaking, and horseback riding.

CURRENT CLIENTS:  Since its 2016 launch, Outdoor Access has signed up nearly 3,000 members who have accessed 500+ listings and spent almost 10,000 days pursuing their outdoor passions.



Obsesh (Fall 2020)

FALL 2020

Oakland, CA

Obsesh is a sports engagement platform that connects fans to top athletes and personalities. Their digital marketplace transforms the way fans access and develop relationships with their idols through real-time, unique content experiences.

TRACTION INCLUDES: Recruited over 100 top pros, athletes and creators who brought over 250 hours of original content; signed 3 major free-to-air streaming TV & OTT contracts; and secured 4 strategic collaborative content sharing partnerships.


O2 Industries (Spring 2021)


Kitchener, Canada

O2 is a performance respirator medical device company that connects human health to environmental health through proprietary technology and innovative solutions for athletes, consumers, physicians and Tier 1 Operators.

TRACTION INCLUDES:  Sales of 100,000 respirators and 2 million filters in 93 countries. In addition, O2 was named the UFC’s official respiratory partner.


Nix (Fall 2016)

FALL 2016

Boston, MA

Using proprietary technology developed at the Harvard School of Engineering, Nix is developing a single-use wearable hydration sensor for athletes. Removes the guess work of when to drink, what to drink, and how much to drink.

CURRENT STAGE: Testing prototype



Meridix (Spring 2016)


Washington, D.C.

Meridix allows anyone to create ESPN-like live webcasts using a smartphone – without a production truck. Schools, sports teams, universities and other organization can webcast their events through live streaming audio and video, real-time game scores and data, text message or email alerts, and mobile content tools.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Calvert Hall, ESPN Williamsport, Florida Collegiate Summer League (FCSL), Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League, Southern Collegiate Baseball League (SCBL), Texas Sports Radio Network (TSRN)



MaxOne (Fall 2016)

FALL 2016

Holland, MI

MaxOne is the all-in-one coaching platform for coaches to train, communicate, and build more effective athletic programs. They allow coaches develop skill and strength workouts, post calendars, send texts and emails, and share strategies.

TRACTION: 1,000 paying customers, 2,000+ coaches using, 15,000+ athletes using, 45 states, 14 sports



LiveStyled (Fall 2019)

FALL 2019

London, UK

LiveStyled is known as the central nervous system for a venue or stadium, this is a B2B SaaS platform that helps venues and business owners better understand and respond to their visitors, and spans across mobile commerce, ticketing, location services, customer identity, mass participation, while powering mobile apps, websites and digital signage.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: AEG, Live Nation, the O2, Wembley stadium and over 50 of the world’s biggest venues and stadia



LEIF Tech (Fall 2015)

FALL 2015

New York City, NY

LEIF makes the one and only patented-electric skateboard that shreds like a snowboard. With a successful Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign and hitting 5X of that goal in online pre-sales, they created a board that allows you to shred year-round…anywhere in the world.



Leaguer (Spring 2016)


New York City, NY

Leaguer is an e-commerce and communications hub for recreational sports that streamlines operations for organizations and participation for players.



Lasso Gear (Spring 2020)


Los Angeles, CA

Lasso is a movement company. They believe the apparel you wear should improve you how you move, so we make patented compression apparel to help you move smarter and more confidently. Our first product, a compression sock, mimics the benefits of medical or kinesio taping using our compression technology.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Professional athletes, youth athletes, trainers, medical professionals, and every day people for prevention, performance, and recovery



Kadho Sports (Spring 2017)


Irvine, CA

Kadho Sports creates cognitive training tools for athletes based on the latest in neuroscience to help athletes make faster, more accurate decisions.

CLIENTS INCLUDE:  Confidential; teams in MLB, NBA, NCAA, and US Olympic program



IdealSeat (Spring 2018)


Seattle, WA

IdealSeat provides ticket companies and ticket departments for teams and universities the ability to identify better leads—and convert those leads at significantly higher rates—because they are offering fans more experiential data to make more informed ticket buying decisions.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Arizona State University, Bandwagon, Jacksonville Jaguars, Seattle Storm, StubHub



Ida Sports (Fall 2021)

Fall 2021

Melbourne, Australia

Ida Sports is a female-led footwear company designing for female athletes and putting women at the heart of the process. They make awesome women’s sports footwear, primarily for soccer and AFL Women’s (Australia’s national semi-professional Australian rules football league for female players).





Healium (Spring 2021)


Columbia, MO

Healium is an immersive media channel powered by biometric data from consumer wearables. They give people ‘superpowers’ to control virtual worlds with their minds and hearts. Their patented technology allows the user to modify and recommend virtual, mixed, or augmented reality content via EEG, heart rate, and other biometrics.

TRACTION INCLUDES: Usage worldwide by about 150 enterprises that reach more than 540,000 lives.


GymDandy (Fall 2016)

FALL 2016

Madison, WI

GymDandy is building solutions that put athletes in their place.

Within the sports software landscape, there are tools to help parents become more organized, coaches become more effective and athletes to become bigger, faster and stronger. But none of these functions can happen without a space to play. Enter GymDandy, the industry solution for managing and reserving athletic space.

CLIENTS INCLUDE:  Madison Parks & Rec



GoWild (Spring 2019)


Louisville, KY

GoWild is an activity-based social platform for outdoor enthusiasts. We utilize behavioral data to drive customer leads and data analytics for brands, and soon will have a robust ecommerce system for consumers.


CLIENTS INCLUDE:  In only 18 months, the GoWild community has grown to more than 25,000 active users, and developed partnerships with over a dozen brands, including Polaris, Garmin, National Wild Turkey Federation, First Lite, ALPS OutdoorZ, and more.



GamerJi Esports (Fall 2020)

FALL 2020

Ahmedabad, India

Gamerji Esports is an esports tournament platform in India for gamers to compete, communicate, share content and win cash prizes by conducting more than 75 tournaments everyday.

TRACTION INCLUDES: In the first 7 months includes 500,000 active users.


Galea Health (Fall 2021)

Fall 2021

New York City, NY

Galea Health provides holistic mental health, wellness, and performance care to athletes. They are building a mental wellness network of athlete-aligned providers and then expanding to include physical support for athletes such as personal trainers, physical therapists, and sport-specific coaches.




Funder (Fall 2019)

FALL 2019

London, UK

Funder has created a technology platform that powers lotteries, raffles and sweepstakes in collaboration with highly engaged tribal communities whose supporters want to give back to good causes. Engaging this way has proven to unlock deeper engagement within the tribe, and ultimately drive new streams of revenue for the partners.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Chelsea Football Club and 25% of the English Premier League football clubs, IMG Arena, HBO and many more



FocusMotion (Spring 2018)


Santa Monica, CA

FocusMotion combines a smart garment with a motion algorithm to create the only clinically validated, patented method for physicians, therapists, and insurers to assess and monitor orthopedic patient recovery both before and after the operation.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Cleveland Clinic, Lululemon, NIOSH, RhinoCo, GolfLogix and Zenjuries, and they were one of Fast Companies’ 2017 World’s Most Innovative Companies



Filmily (Spring 2021)


Totnes, United Kingdom

The award-winning Filmily SaaS fan-engagement platform harvests fan-based content and uses patented AI/machine learning technology to stitch the various videos together to create bespoke highly targeted short-form content which can be shown on screens in stadiums and shared across multiple social channels.

TRACTION INCLUDES: The USTA Open in 2019 (integrated into the USTA app and managed by IBM); and working with Wasserman, they have worked with the Basketball Champions League Final in Athens, and are currently working with the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys.


Fancam (Spring 2019)


Cape Town, South Africa

As the world leader in high resolution event photography since they pioneered the medium in 2010, Fancam is evolving from their zoomable, 360º images to their new CrowdID platform, which combines computer vision and artificial intelligence to extract facial analysis data from large crowds.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Atlanta Braves, Boston Celtics, Daytona 500, D.C. United, Jacksonville Jaguars, Minnesota Twins, New England Patriots, St. Louis Cardinals and Toronto Blue Jays, Champions League Final, MLB World Series, NBA Playoffs, NCAA Final Four, NHL Stanley Cup, NFL Super Bowl, Rugby World Cup



EZ Waves (Spring 2016)


Charleston, SC

Yachts and private fishing expeditions are usually reserved for the 1%. EZ Waves allows the other 99% the same opportunity – to be on the water in less than 3 hours.

TRACTION:  BoatU.S., Global Sportsman’s Network (GSN), Harvey Magazine, Kastking, Guy, OutdoorsFIRST Media, U.S. Sailing

Edge (Spring 2020)


London, UK

Edge is a data-driven payments platform that is tackling the multi-billion dollar problem of inefficient and analog gamer payments. Founded by a former sports lawyer, an ex-Nintendo executive, and a 16 year old tech wizard; Edge seeks to unite a fragmented industry with a end to end solution for the gaming & esports industry. They are using the latest smart contract technology to help money move faster from publishers like Ubisoft, Riot and Blizzard-Activision to streamers, influencers, esports organisations, and casual gamers. 



Clicktivated (Fall 2019)

FALL 2019

Detroit, MI

Clicktivated is the Pioneer in clickable video and directly connects viewers to individual products and information inside video simply by clicking on them as they watch. They have helped their clients create a 28X increase in viewer engagement.

CLIENTS INCLUDE: Target, Tommy Hilfiger, Yahoo, Kohl’s, Pure Michigan and many others.



Blinder (Fall 2018)

FALL 2018

Auckland, New Zealand

Blinder is a call scheduling and recording tool for PR managers. It allows them to provide great access to their ‘talent’, without compromising privacy or performance.

CURRENT CLIENTS:  Olympic champions, Grammy winners, and teams from the Premier League of English football to the NCAA



Behind The Picks (Spring 2016)


Scottsdale, AZ

Behind the Picks uses an incredibly accurate algorithm to predict the winner of NFL, NBA & MLB games. Their average is better than the S&P 500.



Axle AI (Spring 2021)


Boston, MA

Axle AI created a platform that helps media teams in sports, corporate and broadcast to collaborate, manage, and search their video content remotely.

TRACTION INCLUDES:  $1M in revenue with 90% gross margins, and their sports clients include FC Brugge, Los Angeles Clippers, Lucas Oil Motorsports, Madison Square Gardens, New York Yankees, Scottish FA and Valve.


ACE (Spring 2019)


Hod HaSharon, Israel

ACE is improving athletic performance by boosting an athlete’s brain performance. Scientifically proven by NASA, DARPA and the Israeli Air Force, the computer-based training system, IntelliGym, has shown a 20%-30% improvement.

CURRENT CLIENTS:  Used by over 40,000 athletes, the platform has improved on-field performance by professionals all the way down to 10 year olds.



Aireal (Fall 2018)

FALL 2018

Frisco, TX

Aireal is a geospatial AR-platform that allows digital content to be instantly placed anywhere in the world and interacted with through mobile technology as if it were part of the real world.

CURRENT CLIENTS:  Dallas Mavericks, College Football Playoff, Discovery Channel, and more



Oura Ring

Oulu, Finland

Oura is a Finnish health technology company, best known for the Oura Ring, which is a smart ring used to track sleep and physical activities. They have a singular focus: to improve the way we live our lives.




Alpha Esports

Vancouver, Canada

Alpha Esports is a technology company with a focus in esports, online gaming platforms and blockchain. Through a strong portfolio of technology assets, Alpha Esports strives to bring a new edge to modern gaming.





Durham, NC

Teamworks is the leading athlete engagement platform that allows their clients to better connect and collaborate by simplifying their internal processes.

Organizations that depend on Teamworks to create a culture of communication and accountability include more than 2,000 NCAA Division I programs including every Autonomous Conference institution; professional teams in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS and EPL; collegiate and professional conferences; and national governing bodies.





Los Angeles, CA

Maestro is an interactive white label live video streaming platform that allows enterprise streamers to own, engage, and monetize their audiences through a toolkit for capturing data and analytics, and engaging with viewers in live streams. The data that these live-streaming fans provide stays with a company, instead of being captured by a platform like Twitch, Twitter, or Facebook.





Portland, OR

Gameway is making airports entertaining through their video game lounges dedicated to providing a positive and fun gaming experience for all. They allow air travelers the chance to have fun while waiting for their flights.




I’m always amazed with how much Stadia has grown and how much the cohorts improve. It’s a great program and I'll always recommend it.

Lorin Hamlin, Head of Innovation Partnerships

Under Armour

I cannot believe how far we’ve come in 90 days. “Accelerator” doesn’t even begin to explain it. Maybe “rocket propelled” would be more fitting. So many talented people in sports, tech, outdoor and beyond mentored us. My network grew tremendously. My skills and knowledge grew even more. And we have a better business because of it.

Brad Luttrell, Founder & CEO


You win with people and Stadia sets themselves apart because of the people they are. And that they’re so willing to introduce to larger networks that you probably haven’t met before…and just help.

Anne Flannery, Founding Board Member

Women's Basketball Hall of Fame

After speaking with two cohorts this year, it’s led to two different partnerships with our conference and our member teams.

Amy Huchthausen, Commissioner

America East Conference

Stadia has created a powerful program to fuel activity in the sports entrepreneurial marketplace. Great resources, advisors and a passion for innovation makes the Stadia program an invaluable launch pad for emerging sports and esports businesses.

Chris Zimmerman, President & CEO

St. Louis Blues

I can definitely say the program was invaluable to my company and my professional development. Each week we focused on different important elements related to creating great brands and businesses. We had thought-leading guest speakers, beneficial exercises, and we received constructive critiques that made our businesses better.

Brian Jensen, Founder & CEO

Fishidy (Acquired by FLIR Systems)

We want to see technology that’s worth our time to look at. I get to know the startups that have been vetted, researched and diligenced by Stadia, and I know that I’m seeing the best of the best so it saves me time and money.

Javier Altamirano, Dir of Innovation

For the intersection of sports and technology, we’re a 100 year old company…but we’re always looking for the next 100 years. Stadia is a great place to find new talent, new startups, new technologies, and just a new way of thinking.

Bob Thurman, VP of Innovation


The Stadia Accelerator was a game changer for our business. The guest speakers they brought in were world class industry leaders. The mentor team put us in a position to take our business to the next level. I would strongly recommend Stadia to any and all sports startups.

Joe Shuchat, Founder & President

Winning Identity (Acquired by Blast Motion)

I like the opportunity to see Stadia’s companies first hand so that I can implement their technologies in our franchise and accelerate our growth. In addition, we get the chance to see the most cutting edge technology that’s emerging from across the world.

Khalia Collier, Owner & General Manager

St. Louis Surge

My expectations were exceeded by coming into Stadia…and having access to the wealth of information from teams and brands was extremely invaluable.

Meredith Cass, Founder & CEO

Nix Biosensor

Stadia is not only interested in the companies that they’re investing in, but they’re truly interested in the people that are part of those companies. That sets Stadia apart from everyone.

Barry McPherson, Minority Owner

Frisco RoughRiders

I come because of the community that Stadia has built. Some of the best minds within sports and technology from around the world.

Clyde Hutchinson, Chair

Sports Tech Ireland

Stadia is very unique in terms of how they bring us all together from every facet of sports and esports. We have interesting conversations and the networking that’s involved is second to none. It’s a perfect opportunity to learn about technology, about business, and I find myself saying that’s a great question or a great technology.

Jim Connolly, Dir of IT

Columbus Blue Jackets

Stadia Ventures truly fills a void by helping entrepreneurs bring innovation to the world of sports. The St. Louis Cardinals have enjoyed partnering with Stadia and their cohort companies as they develop new sports technologies and innovations.

Dan Farrell, SVP for Sales and Marketing

St. Louis Cardinals

Stadia network has a wide variety of people involved and it grows year after year. Once you’re involved you stay for life, and it has turned into a big family.

Declan O’Neill, VP of Business Development

World Wide Technology Raceway

Stadia has opened my eyes to some great avenues for thought and innovation. This exposure is a great help in directing the USGA’s activities.

Hunki Yun, Dir of Strategic Projects

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