Spring 2017 Cohort // Hosted by St. Louis Cardinals at Ballpark Village

VNTANA | Ashley Crowder // Los Angeles, CA

VNTANA, the leading social augmented reality company empowering brands through realistic holographic experiences.

Pico.Buzz | Matt Fineberg // Haifa, Israel

Pico.Buzz, a SaaS platform that makes it easier to communicate with fans while allowing teams to drive new revenue.

Kadho Sports | Yasuto Suga // Irvine, CA

Kadho created cognitive training tools for athletes based on the latest in neuroscience to help athletes make faster, more accurate decisions.

RC21X | Clarence Carlos // Pittsburgh, PA

RC21X is a human performance assessment tool that uses fun, easy-to-use video games to improve on-field performance and monitor performance enhancement programs.

Panel #1 | Sports+Innovation

Panelists included Dan Farrell (SVP of Sales & Marketing, St. Louis Cardinals), Jason Griesenauer (Global Head of Direct-to-Consumer Experience, New Balance) and Jake Ireland (CEO, Hickory Ventures). Moderated by Khalia Collier (Owner, St. Louis Surge).

Fall 2016 Cohort // Hosted by Saint Louis University at West Pine Gym

Cohort Remarks | | Saint Louis University

We turned the mic on, gave it to the cohort, and they spoke their mind.

MaxOne | Jason Mejeur // Grand Rapids, MI

MaxOne, the training and communication platform for coaches, gives their investor pitch.

Block Six Analytics | Adam Grossman // Chicago, IL

Block Six, the automated sponsorship evaluation and recommendation platform, gives their customer pitch.

GymDandy | Nick Kartos // Madison, WI

GymDandy, the Airbnb for field rentals, gives their investor pitch.

Satisfi Labs | Don White // New York City, NY

Satisfi, the virtual assistant for the inside world, gives their investor pitch.

Nix | Meridith Unger // Boston, MA

Nix, the biosensor for monitoring sweat in real time, gives their investor pitch.

Panel #1 | The Power of eSports

Panelists included Akshay Khanna (Founding Partner/Member of Board of Governors, Philadelphia 76ers Innovation Lab), Garvey Candella (Director of Strategic Partnerships, Twitch), Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles (Caster, OGN) and Dan Clerke (founder, Enemy eSports). Moderated by Khalia Collier (Owner, St. Louis Surge).

Spring 2016 Cohort // Hosted at Gateway Motorsports Park

Cohort Remarks | Gateway Motorsports Park

We turned the mic on, gave it to the cohort, and they spoke their mind…

Senaptec | Joe Bingold // Portland, OR

Senaptec, the sensory performance improvement platform, gives their investor pitch

Leaguer | Carmen Bellavia // New York City, NY

Leaguer, the commerce and communications hub for recreational sports, gives their investor pitch…

EZ Waves | Vickie Waller & Lisa Pansing // Charleston, SC

EZ Waves, the Uber for boating, gives their investor pitch

Meridix | Tyler Feret // Chicago, IL

Meridix, the ESPN-platform for live webcasts, gives their investor pitch

Behind The Picks  | Michael Ferreira & Mike Palozzolo // Scottsdale, AZ

Behind The Picks, the accurate algorithm predicting the winner of NFL, NBA & MLB games, gives their investor pitch

Panel #1  | Sports+Investing

Panelists included Demian Costa (Managing Partner, Sagamore Ventures/Plank Industries), Steve Griffin (Founder & Partner, G5 Capital), Akshay Khanna (Founding Partner/Member of Board of Governors, Philadelphia 76ers Innovation Lab) and Collin Meador (Lead Analyst, San Francisco 49ers Ventures). Moderated by Khalia Collier (Owner, St. Louis Surge)

Fall 2015 Cohort // Hosted by St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium

Cohort Remarks | Fall 2015 Cohort // Busch Stadium

We turned the mic on, gave it to the cohort, and they spoke their mind

Fishidy | Brian Jensen // Madison, WI

Fishidy, the Waze app for fisherman, gives their investor pitch

LEIF Tech | Aaron Aders // Brooklyn, NY

LEIF Tech, the electric skateboard that shreds like a snowboard, gives their investor pitch

Winning Identity | Joe Shuchat // Toronto, Canada

Winning Identity, the one-stop golf shop, gives their investor pitch

Rookies | Matt Sebek // St. Louis, MO

Rookies, the personalized trading card creator, gives their investor pitch

Panel #1 | Sports+Leadership

Panelists included Kevin Demoff (COO, St. Louis Rams), Bill DeWitt III (President, St. Louis Cardinals) and Chris Zimmerman (CEO, St. Louis Blues). Moderated by Khalia Collier (Owner, St. Louis Surge)

Panel #2 | Sports+Innovation

Panelists included Nick Cutsumpas (IBM Watson Sports), Will McIntosh (Golf Channel/Golf Now) and Patrick Meek (UnderArmour Olympic Innovation). Moderated by Art Chou (Stadia Ventures)


Fishidy, Developer of Tech That Aids Anglers,
Sold to Flir Systems

05.24.18 // Fishidy (Fall 15)

“Fishidy, a startup that has developed map-based tools to help fishing enthusiasts document and share information, was acquired in April by Flir Systems, a developer of thermal imaging cameras and sensors…”

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St. Louis Sports Accelerator Launching
Program In Frisco, TX


“A St. Louis, Missouri sports startup accelerator is making its move into North Texas. Stadia Ventures announced Friday that it’s aligning with LaunchPad City in Frisco to launch its first accelerator program in the region, which will debut a new esports-focused track…”

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Sports Startup Firm Considers
Frisco A Home Run


“The Texas trip was hosted by LaunchPad City, which works with startups and has been in talks to bring a branch of Stadia Ventures to town. Its vision focuses around sports and e-sports.”

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3 Los Angeles-area Sports Startups
Get Investments From Stadia


“Stadia Ventures, the St. Louis-based accelerator that invests in sports startup companies, has bought into four new companies. Each of the four companies — three of which are located in the Los Angeles area with the other from Pittsburgh…”

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St. Louis Ties Pay Off
For Canadian Sports Entrepreneur


“Joe Shuchat is the founder of sports software firm Winning Identity, which he sold in 2016 to Blast Motion of Carlsbad, Calif. Blast Motion’s software shows analysis of a golfer’s putting stroke on a smartphone…”

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Why 2 Canadian Startups Are Setting
Up Shop In StL


“They say growth begins where your comfort zone ends. A pair of Canadian entrepreneurs are applying that advice to the business of sports data. John Thorp and Joe Shuchat have taken their startups, Winnipeg-based BodiTrak Sports and Toronto’s Winning Identity, to St. Louis in order to explore global markets and accelerate business growth by joining innovation hub Stadia Ventures…”

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5 Companies Selected for SFIA
‘Start-Up Challenge’


“A select group of five finalists have been awarded entry to the inaugural Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) ‘Start-Up Challenge,’ to be held this fall at the 2016 SFIA Industry Leaders Summit. The SFIA collaborated with Stadia Ventures Founder & Managing Director Art Chou, to carefully vet and select five finalists.”

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Stadia Ventures Announces Spring 2016 Accelerator Demo Day Highlights Five Sports Tech Companies


“Stadia Ventures celebrates the completion of its second sports business accelerator cohort with a Demo Day at Gateway Motorsports Park. The theme of the event is Sports+Investing and is headlined by a panel discussion on sports investing that includes…”

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St. Louis Ties Pay Off For Canadian
Sports Entrepreneur


“Joe Shuchat didn’t move his company to St. Louis as intended, but he gives this city credit for the big break that changed his plans. Shuchat’s Toronto-based startup, Winning Identity, was one of the first participants last year in a sports-business accelerator launched by Stadia Ventures.”

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Stadia Ventures–Demo Day at
the Racetrack


“When you talk about the legacy of St. Louis and the passion for sports combined with what’s next, you get Stadia Ventures. We’re going to take another field trip to Gateway Motorsports Park for Stadia Ventures, investment fund and accelerator for sports technology startups, for their Demo Day.”

(Listen to Interview)

Stadia Ventures Has Added These Five Startups To Its Spring 2016 Sports Accelerator Program


“Stadia Ventures, the growing sports accelerator out of St. Louis, has announced the selection of five sports startups that will be entering their Spring 2016 Sports Accelerator program. Here they are in alphabetical order…”

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Two Canadian sports startups
move to St. Louis


“Two sports technology firms from Canada are moving their headquarters to St. Louis to be close to Stadia Ventures, an investment and consulting firm. Winning Identity is moving here from Toronto and Boditrak Sports is moving from Winnipeg.”

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Stadia Ventures — Investing in Sports
Technology Start-ups


“Stadia Ventures is a first-of-its-kind investment fund for sports-related technology start-ups and its based in St. Louis. Michael and Travis talk with the co-founders, some of the start-ups in the first cohort, and representatives from IBM Watson and Under Armour, who are supporting the fund.”

(Listen to Interview)

Nicklaus: Sports Startups Find Warm
Welcome In St. Louis


“Joe Shuchat founded his company in Toronto and participated in a business incubator in Orlando, Fla., but he says two dozen days in St. Louis have been his most productive time as an entrepreneur.”

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Sports Accelerator Stadia Ventures Holds
First Demo Day


“We hope someday we’ll be building an office building in Ballpark Village for one of these companies,” Bill DeWitt III (President, St. Louis Cardinals) said. “For us it’s a wonderful opportunity to seed and support these young companies, and we’re rooting hard for them to succeed.”

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St. Louis Sports Accelerator To Demo Their Startup’s Success At Busch Stadium


“Besides the Dodgers and RGA joint accelerator, there is another sports accelerator that is worthy of the sports industry’s attention. It is called Stadia Ventures and it is based in downtown St. Louis.”

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Stadia Ventures Announces Inaugural Cohort in Sports Business Accelerator


”After receiving over 175 applications from all over the world in 30-days, Stadia Ventures, the Sports Innovation Hub, is excited to announce their inaugural cohort for their Stadia Sports Business Accelerator.”

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New St. Louis Accelerator Will Invest In
Sports-Related Startups


“St. Louis already has accelerators for technology firms, agribusiness, biotechnology, women-owned startups and financial firms. On a per capita basis, we may be the accelerator capital of the world. Since we claim to be a great sports town, it makes sense to add fun and games to the mix.”

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Stadia Ventures Launches Accelerator and Expects to Invest $10M in Sports Startups


“Stadia Ventures, the Sports Innovation Hub, announced the launch of Stadia Accelerator, a business development accelerator for sports-related startups. Stadia Accelerator expects to invest $10M over the next five years to help sports startups get to the next level through the combination of up to $100,000 in equity investment, intensive mentoring, and connections to the top sports business executives in the country.”

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Sports Business Accelerator Launched By SLU Entrepreneurship Director


“Tim Hayden, Saint Louis University’s director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, has launched a new sports business accelerator called Stadia Ventures that will publicly launch Friday night at the Cambridge Innovation Center in Cortex.
Stadia, also founded by former Rawlings executive Art Chou, will invest $100,000 in sports related startups twice a year and pair them with mentors in the region.”

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Fishidy, Developer of Tech That Aids Anglers,
Sold to Flir Systems

05.24.18 // Fishidy (Fall 15)

“Fishidy, a startup that has developed map-based tools to help fishing enthusiasts document and share information, was acquired in April by Flir Systems, a developer of thermal imaging cameras and sensors…”

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MiLB, Satisfi Labs Partner
To Enhance Fan Experience

05.14.18 // Satisfi Labs (Fall 16)

“Minor League Baseball™ (MiLB™) today announced a new collaboration with Satisfi Labs to create a bilingual customer service AI conversation platform for more than 30 MiLB teams…”

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New Hydration Technology To Be Worn
By Boston Marathon Participants For First Time

04.12.18 // Nix (Fall 16)

“Racing into Marathon Monday, your training is on point, your sleep is on point, and your nutrition is on point…but what about your hydration?…”

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Reely Will Help Kansas Jayhawks
Create Automated Highlight Videos

03.20.18 // Reely (Fall 17)

“The University of Kansas is expected by many to continue to advance through this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. But some in the school’s athletic department are already focused on baseball season with an eye toward a new technology partnership…”

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St. Louis Blues Sign Deal With Reely
For AI-Generated Highlights

02.16.18 // Reely (Fall 17)

“Whether it’s a slapshot goal by rightwing Vladimir Tarasenko or a stick save by goalie Jake Allen, the next St. Louis Blues highlight reel will be created by a computer. That’s because the Blues have inked a deal with Santa Monica-based Reely…”

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SXSW Startups:
Nix Senses Sweat

02.08.18 // Nix (Fall 16)

“The 2018 SXSW Accelerator Pitch Event has selected 50 startups in 10 categories to show off their skills on March 10 and 11. Winners in each category will be honored at the Accelerator Award Ceremony. The SXSW Accelerator Pitch Event takes place within the Startup & Tech Sectors track of programming…”

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SXSW Startups:
UPGRADED Smart Tickets

01.24.18 // Upgraded (Fall 17)

“At the 2018 SXSW Accelerator Pitch Event in Austin, 50 diverse startups have the chance to impress a panel of industry experts. Half will pitch on Saturday, March 10, and the remaining 25 will pitch on Sunday, March 11. Winners in 10 categories will be honored at the Accelerator Award Ceremony. The SXSW Accelerator Pitch Event takes place within the Startup & Tech Sectors track of programming…”

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NFL Sideline Tech Tour & More
From The Week In Sports Tech

10.07.17 // Block Six Analytics (Fall 16)

“Startups to watch: I was impressed with presentations from Daniel Chao from Halo Neuroscience and Adam Grossman from Block Six Analytics — two sports tech companies with impressive traction…”

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Forces of the Industry:
Brian Jensen, Fishidy

10.03.17 // Fishidy (Fall 15)

“Brian Jensen, Fishidy’s founder and CEO, has an educational background in the technology field, but a lifelong passion for the sport of fishing…”

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‘My Whole Life Was A Mess’:
Rehabbing Vision After Concussions

10.03.17 // Senaptec (Spring 16)

“Only the unidentified voice remains. The baseball game is gone. The drive to the field vanished. That morning’s school day disappeared. The previous weeks, too. Just four words, maybe from the catcher, linger in Jared Schwartz’s memory. “Are you OK, Jared?…”

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Ticket Touting & Fraud Is Soaring.
Blockchain Might Be The Fix

10.01.17 // Upgraded (Fall 17)

“Last year, Christopher Plant, a real estate agent from Philadelphia, paid $1,000 to buy four tickets to the hit musical Hamilton from an agent on Craigslist. However, when he tried entering the Richard Rodgers Theatre to watch the event with his family, he was turned away because his tickets were counterfeit…”

(Read Full Article)

Startups are Using Ethereum’s Blockchain to Combat
Ticket Touting and Fraud

09.30.17 // Upgraded (Fall 17)

“To combat increasing ticket touting, fraud, and counterfeiting, startups are utilizing leading blockchain networks including Bitcoin and Ethereum to create immutable and unalterable platforms to process the sale and distribution of tickets…”

(Read Full Article)

A New, Artificially Intelligent
Hologram Was Just Born

09.26.17 // VNTANA (Spring 17)& Satisfi (Fall 16)

“VNTANA and Satisfi Labs have announced a new platform that will allow businesses to develop a hologram concierge to be used in business. The project fuses artificial intelligence (AI) with augmented reality (AR) technology to produce a 3D persona that can interact with customers…”

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Even College Baseball Teams Are Now
Embracing The Big Data Approach

09.25.17 // Senaptec (Spring 16)

“The Hawkeyes have transitioned from a non-entity to one of the best programs in the Big Ten conference since head coach Rick Heller took over in 2013. “I do believe that some portion of our success can be attributed to the technology we have and how we implement it…”

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Tech Crunch Disrupt 2017
Reely Sports Highlights Clipping

09.28.17 // Reely (Fall 17)

“Reely is for sports fans that want to capture highlights realtime and share with their community.”

(Read Full Article)

Lightning, Satisfi Labs Partner
To Launch ThunderBot

04.18.17 // Satisfi (Fall 16)

“The Tampa Bay Lightning have entered into a partnership with Satisfi Labs to launch a customer service artificial intelligence chat bot for the Lightning. The bot is designed to help with simple fan questions about attending events at AMALIE Arena…”

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Kadho Sports Welcomes Legendary Football Coach
Bruce Rollinson As New Sports Advisor

04.05.17 // Kadho Sports (Spring 16)

“ Kadho Sports announces that Head Coach Bruce Rollinson of Mater Dei High School (Santa Ana, CA) will be joining the company as a sports advisor. Kadho Sports has previously developed a cognitive sports training platform for…”

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Most notable was the broad range of expertise the speakers brought to the table. We had consultants, entrepreneurs, investors, technologists - just about everyone that you would want to get advice from as you're growing a business. Our company specifically used financial recommendations, improved the clarity of our brand messaging, and changed our partnership strategy, all resulting from advice given by the speakers.

Tyler Feret, Founder and CEO


I can definitely say the program is invaluable to my company and my professional development. Each week we focus on different important elements related to creating great brands and businesses.We have thought leading speaking guests, beneficial exercises and we receive very constructive critiques that make our businesses better.

Brian Jensen, CEO

The weekly content from Stadia has been substantial, the keynote speakers have been influential, and the mentorship has been invaluable. Stadia hasn't just surrounded our group with big-thinkers; they're also individuals that have experienced success. Amongst the companies that we've personally interacted with: Under Armor, Getty, Anheuser-Busch, the St. Louis Cardinals, and the St. Louis Blues - just to name a few.

Matt Sebek, Founder/CEO

The Stadia Accelerator has been a game changer for our business. The guest speakers they’ve brought in have been world class industry leaders. The mentor team has put us in a position to take our business to the next level. I would strongly recommend Stadia to any and all sports startups.

Joe Shuchat, Founder and President

Winning Identity (now owned by Blast Motion)

GolfNow always has been a company with a start-up spirit, so it’s great to see accelerators like Stadia helping entrepreneurs down the path to realizing their full potential as a business. With GolfNow’s investments in sports and technology, we understand the importance of entrepreneurship and fully support programs like these.

Will McIntosh, SVP of Business Development & Strategy

Stadia has opened my eyes to some great avenues for thought and innovation. This exposure is a great help in directing the USGA’s activities.

Hunki Yun, Director, Strategic Projects

Stadia is creating a powerful program to fuel activity in the sports entrepreneurial marketplace. Great resources, advisors and a passion for innovation makes the Stadia program an invaluable launch pad for emerging concepts.

Chris Zimmerman, President & CEO

Stadia Ventures truly fills a void by helping entrepreneurs bring innovation to the world of sports. The St. Louis Cardinals have enjoyed partnering with Stadia and their cohort companies as they develop new sports technologies and innovations. We look forward to helping Stadia transform St. Louis into one of the leading sports innovation hubs in the world.

Dan Farrell, SVP for Sales and Marketing

The Stadia Ventures Demo Day was an incredible experience. Getting to see their broad network of advisors and mentors, and understanding the guiding role they've played in the success of the startups in their program was an inspiration for new accelerators such as ours. I look forward to continuing to work with Stadia- they've been amazing partners and have been instrumental in helping to set up the infrastructure here at the Sixers Innovation Lab.

Akshay Khanna, VP of Strategy

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