New App Uplift Coach Helps Athletes
And Coaches Communicate In Isolation

05.22.20 // Uplift (Spring 20)

“Uplift Labs, a startup that conducts camera-based biomechanical analysis, was in the midst of several pilot studies with MLB organizations and private training academies when the coronavirus shut down sports. Fields and facilities were closed. Everything, says CEO Sukemasa Kabayama, came to a screeching halt…”

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Small Business Spotlight: Trufan Offers Free Social
Insights To Small Businesses In Need

04.24.20 // Trufan (Spring 20)

Our consumption and behaviours as consumers have evolved less than six months into 2020. We’re thinking more about the purchases we make in terms of need and value. In the same way, local businesses are paying special attention to their offerings, social media presence, and how they are marketing products in a bid to establish connections with potential customers…”

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Three Israeli Sports Startups That
Aren’t Letting The Pandemic Bench Them

04.14.20 // ACE (Spring 19)

“It could take months, arguably years, until the financial ramifications of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic are fully understood. But while the negative implications will likely be talked about for many years to come, some Israeli startups are not content to secure their survival…”

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We Are Nations: When
A Plan Comes Together

04.09.20 // Edge (Spring 20)

“To quote the A-Team’s Colonel John ‘Hannibal’: ‘I love it when a plan comes together.’ As I’m hoping you all saw earlier this week, Adam Whyte from, Sam Cooke from Esports Insider, and a host of other folks announced You Are Not Alone…”

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REELY Selected As Official
Highlight Provider For The NJCAA

02.25.20 // Reely (Fall 17)

“REELY Corp. and the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) announced a three-year partnership on Thursday to make REELY the official provider of real-time clips, highlights, and condensed games during its national championships…”

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31 Computer Vision Startups
To Keep An Eye On

02.24.20 // Block Six (Fall16)

“Like most pro-hockey prospects, Sean Durzi might pan out and he might not. If it’s the former, every front office in the National Hockey League will smack itself in the head Chris Farley-like and grunt, “Idiot! So stupid!…”

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VNTANA Announces Omnichannel
3D Automation Software

02.21.20 // VNTANA (Spring 17)

“The software platform is aimed at retailers who wish to share 3D versions of their products across platforms. Using a proprietary 3D viewer, users can upload and distribute 3D versions of their products using a single tool…”

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Welcome To The World
Of Mixed-Reality Shopping

02.21.20 // VNTANA (Spring 17)

“A Los Angeles-based startup is changing the way people shop online. VNTANA’s software powers 3D shopping experiences. Co-founder and CEO Ashley Crowder explains how it all works on “Bloomberg Technology…”

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How Brands Are Using
Technology To Chat Up Consumers

02.11.20 // Satisfi (Fall 16)

“TD Ameritrade, please help me.” Scott Steiner tweeted this plea on Jan. 31 as he attempted to place a buy. “Is there any way you could push a deposit through. I would really like to buy shares of this company before the weekend…”

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Tech Gadgets That Are
Good For The Heart

02.10.20 // Wearable X (Spring 19)

“Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and while flowers, chocolates, weekends away, or meals out are popular and common options to celebrate the day, you may also want to consider a gift that shows that you care about your partner’s health…”

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The Next Big Thing in Sports?
Clothes That Give You Perfect Form

02.05.20 // Wearable X (Spring 19)

“In the not-too-distant future, you’ll be able to walk into a Niketown store, buy a Tiger Woods-branded golf shirt and, when lining up your shot on the fairway, hear Woods’s voice gently suggesting a change in technique…”

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20 Sports Tech Ideas
To Invest In Now

01.31.20 // Livestyled (Fall 19)

“In recent years, the number of startups specialising in areas such as athletic performance and analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, fantasy sports, gaming, content production and in-venue technology has proliferated, contributing to rapid growth across the sports tech sector…”

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Four Ways The NHL Is Using Technology
To Enhance The Fan Experience

01.30.20 // Satisfi (Fall 16)

“The basic elements of hockey haven’t changed much since the game gained popularity in the 1890s. Get two teams together on ice, drop the puck, and poof! We’re off to the races. What has dramatically changed is the way fans watch and experience the sport. The NHL today is a $5 billion league with a growing worldwide audience…”

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A Day In The Life With INFLCR
Founder & CEO Jim Cavale

01.15.20 // INFLCR (Fall 18)

“INFLCR Founder & CEO JIM CAVALE believes that time is the most important asset. Thus, he schedules and scripts out his day to the minute in his calendar, so that when he wakes up before the sun, he already has a script for all he wants to accomplish…”

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The Startups that Kobe Bryant
Invested in Through His Venture Fund

01.14.20 // FocusMotion (Spring 18)

“In 1996, Kobe Bryant joined the NBA and went on to become a 5-time World Champion, an Olympic gold medalist, and countless other accolades. But off the court, Bryant was making an impact in the startup ecosystem…”

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Video Game Concept Aims To
Expand In DFW Airport

01.06.20 // Gameway

“A video game concept is set to expand at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport pending approval from the board, according to airport documents. In the expansion, Gameway Inc. would add a video game lounge near Gate 20 in Terminal D. This would be Gameway’s third video game lounge…”

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Sports Organizations Using Machine Learning
Technology to Drive Sponsorship Revenues

01.02.20 // Block Six (Fall 16)

“The sports industry has begun to place a greater emphasis on data capture and the use of analytics over the past decade – particularly as it relates to on-field performance, but while sports has become big business, Adam Grossman…”

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Work Clothes, Reimagined For
An Age Of Wearable Tech

01.02.20 // Wearable X (Spring 19)

“In the future of work fashion, data is the new black. The clothes we wear to work will be sensor-embedded and connected, monitoring stress levels, reminding us of appointments, alerting us and others when there’s important work to be done and more, says Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman, author of the 2016 book…”

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Reuters Partners With INFLCR To Allow Athletes And
Sports Teams To Tap Into Award-Winning Photography

12.10.19 // INFLCR (Fall 18)

“Reuters today announced a new partnership with personalized sports content delivery organization INFLCR (Influencer), which will provide Reuters high-quality and award-winning sports photography directly to sports teams and their athletes to help them achieve higher engagement with their fans on social media channels…”

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Why Hull FC Players Are Wearing Strobe Glasses
To Give Themselves An Edge Over Pre-Season

11.17.19 // Senaptec (Spring 16)

“You might have seen images on Hull FC’s social media account of players wearing glasses over pre-season. Marc Sneyd and Connor Wynne were pictured wearing them, but what are they are what do they do? Hull Live gave them a whirl…”

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NHL Seattle Takes Advantage Of
Virtual Chat Technology To Help Fans

11.15.19 // Satisfi (Fall 16)

“NHL Seattle, which is kicking-off their inaugural season in 2021, have teamed up with Satisfi Labs to offer a “virtual assistant” chatbot to help fans with any and all questions. Fans can ask the chatbot information about the selection process timeline, how depositors will be contacted, and which payment plans are available…”

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NHL Seattle Partners With Satisfi Labs To Provide
Fans With AI-Powered Seat-Selection Assistance

11.14.19 // Satisfi (Fall 16)

“The National Hockey League’s 32nd franchise in Seattle is still nearly two years away from dropping the puck for its first game, but the organization is already making an innovative connection to the 32,000 fans who put down deposits during the club’s whirlwind season-ticket drive in March of 2018…”

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An Active Video Shopping Experience
That’s Sure to Click With Audiences

11.05.19 // Clicktivated (Spring 19)

“Say you’re watching a video—highlights of the big game or a trailer for that new Netflix show—and you really want an outfit you see. Good luck finding that on the internet, though… right? Alexa, Siri and “Hey Google” probably can’t respond with…”

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Chinese Soccer Turns To Video
Games To Train Future Stars

11.04.19 // ACE (Spring 19)

“For the students gathered in the computer room at Shanghai Jincai Experimental Junior Middle School, the assignment feels almost too good to be true: They have been asked to test a soccer video game…”

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Polaris Adventures Launches Strategic
Partnership With Outdoor App, Gowild

10.30.19 // GoWild (Spring 19)

“Polaris’ network of ride and drive experiences, Polaris Adventures, has quickly scaled to include more than 125 adventure Outfitters across the country. As the program expands upon its vision of bringing the outdoors to a broader audience…”

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Satisfi Receives Investment From The Google
Assistant Investment Program

10.23.19 // Satisfi (Fall 16)

“Satisfi Labs, the leading AI-powered Knowledge Management Platform, announced today their investment from the Google Assistant Investment Program. The new investment from Google will give Satisfi Labs the ability to expand its voice capabilities to support Google Actions for the Google Assistant…”

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Sonny Bill Williams Frustration
Led To Blinder Tech

10.09.19 // Blinder (Fall 18)

“It’s fair to say that New Zealand rugby union star Sonny Bill Williams is a larger-than-life. The insatiable media appetite to cover Williams’ story caused Caley Wilson such a headache that he was inspired to take the plunge as a tech entrepreneur…”

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Richie Hawtin, Renaissance Man Of Techno,
On Bridging Technology And Creativity

10.08.19 // VNTANA (Spring 17)

“Richie Hawtin has always sounded like a visitor from the future, a man who fell to earth. His name is synonymous with music technology and with techno music. Speaking from Berlin, he recalls his good fortune in witnessing the birth of the genre…”

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INFLCR To Join Forces With Teamworks
After Landing Major Investment

10.07.19 // INFLCR (Fall 17)

“Teamworks, the leading athlete engagement platform for collegiate and professional organizations, announced today an investment in INFLCR, the premium social media content delivery platform in sports. Teamworks’ investment will create the infrastructure for INFLCR to continue its rapid growth in the athletics industry…”

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La Liga Shortlists 10 Finalists
For Tech Innovation Competition

10.01.19 // Spalk (Spring 18)

“La Liga has picked the 10 companies that have made it through to the finals of its Startup Competition 2019. The content, which kicked off in March, is a partnership between La Liga and Microsoft’s Global Sports Innovation Center (GSIC) to uncover disruptive startups in football, sports and entertainment…”

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Satisfi Labs Expands Ticketing Assistant Across
Multiple Professional Sports Leagues

10.01.19 // Satisfi (Fall 16)

“Satisfi Labs, an AI-powered Knowledge Management Platform announced today the expansion of their Ticketing Assistant product across multiple professional sports teams. This first-to-market product allows each team to deepen it’s virtual assistant knowledge base to provide accurate ticketing options based on price, type, and location…”

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Majority Of College Students Say Student
Athletes Should Be Paid, Survey Finds

09.11.19 // INFLCR (Fall 2018)

“For years, proposals to pay college athletes have drawn polarizing responses. Athletes such as LeBron James and Richard Sherman and politicians such as Senators Chris Murphy and Bernie Sanders have expressed their support for allowing students to make money during their college careers. College and athletics administrators have mostly rebuked the idea…”

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Richmond-Based Outdoor Access Raises
$2.8 Million, Expands Into Three New States

09.07.19 // Outdoor Access (Fall 18)

“Outdoor Access, a Richmond-based startup with an online marketplace that connects landowners with outdoor recreation enthusiasts, has bagged a $2.8 million investment as the company looks to expand into more states…”

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Sports Tech Tokyo’s World Demo
Day Arrives In San Francisco

08.20.19 // Reely (Fall 17)

“As the sports industry continues to embrace new technology, the value proposition for getting into the space as a startup continues to rise…”

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This Smart Biosensor For Athletes
Is Defeating Dehydration

07.24.19 // Nix (Fall 16)

“Boston-based startup Nix Biosensors is here to hydrate. Dehydration is something of a national plague. In a National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, it was estimated that almost one-third of U.S. adults are inadequately hydrated…”

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Los Angeles Football Club Lets Fans
Order Food Via Apple Business Chat

07.19.19 // Satisfi (Fall 16)

“The Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC), one of the city’s Major League Soccer teams, now lets iPhone users order food and drinks ahead of time at Banc of California Stadium. The team partnered with artificial intelligence (AI) developer Satisfi Labs to create the system for Apple Business Chat, the tech giant’s platform for business-to-consumer (B2C) messaging…”

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Fancam Founder Has Praise For St.
Louis After Moving From South Africa

07.12.19 // Fancam (Spring 19)

“Tinus Le Roux has adapted NASA technology and made sales to premier sports teams, but he says moving to St. Louis might be his best business move yet. Le Roux, 43, is co-founder and chief executive of FanCam, which captures high-resolution crowd photos at sporting events, concerts and anywhere else a large group of people might gather…”

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MLB Ballpark App Adds Apple Business Chat-
Powered Concierge Experience For All-Star Game

07.08.19 // Satisfi (Fall 16)

“Just in time for tonight’s Home Run Derby, Major League Baseball is rolling out a new feature on its Ballpark app that utilizes Apple’s Business Chat feature for a customized in-person experience. MLB says it’s the first league to roll out the feature, letting users ask location-specific questions — though Apple Business Chat has been used for things like drink orders in the past…”

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Game On: Are Video Games the
Future Of Passenger Entertainment?

06.29.19 // Gameway

“With ancillary revenues becoming more important, airports and airlines are facing pressure to boost their engagement with passengers in increasingly innovative ways. In this respect, video games could present an enticing opportunity for the aviation sector. According to research by analysts Newzoo, the video games industry as a whole was worth $135bn in 2018…”

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5 Weird Ways To Get
Around This Summer

06.23.19 // LEIF/Summerboard (Fall 15)

“If you thought an electric scooter was an outlandish way to travel, you better hold on — you haven’t seen anything yet. This summer, it’s all about balancing your way down the street on various one-wheeled personal vehicles…”

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How The Seattle Seahawks Use Data
To Win — On And Off The Field

06.23.19 // Senaptec (Spring 16)

“The Seattle Seahawks have the NFL’s second-best winning percentage since 2012. One of the secrets to that success may lie within the team’s sports science department. Seattle has separated itself from competitors with its usage of technology and data analytics to help maximize player performance and ultimately win more games…”

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Do I Need An App?

05.23.19 // LiveStyled (Fall 19)

“LiveStyled CEO Adam Goodyer provides a simple guide for those considering whether developing an app could prove helpful for their event or venue…”

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The New Wearables: A New Era Of Connected
Clothing Is Paving The Way For The Future

04.09.19 // Wearable X (Spring 19)

“The idea that our clothes and jewellery could have practical functions beyond simply covering us up and enhancing our appearance is hardly new. The first attempt to invest an adornment with an additional purpose was made over 300 years ago…”

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South Africa’s Fancam Wins Industry Validation,
$100k With Stadia Ventures Sports Accelerator

04.04.19 // Fancam (Spring 19)

“Cape Town based tech company Fancam has landed $100 000 in investment from US based venture capital Stadia Ventures. But the company’s co-founder and CEO Tinus le Roux says more important is having secured a spot as one of six participating companies…”

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Cutting-Edge App For Tottenham
Hotspur Fans As Stadium Debuts

04.03.19 // LiveStyled (Fall 19)

“A new app for Spurs fans has been launched to coincide with the first official game at the billion-dollar Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The club have worked with North London-based sport and entertainment technology specialists LiveStyled…”

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Sunday Innovate:
Blind Calling

03.31.19 // Blinder (Fall 18)

“Inventions are often solutions to problems. Caley Wilson had a problem. He was the communications manager of the Kiwis rugby league team and was hesitant to give out players’ numbers to journalists…”

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Satisfi Labs Raises An Additional $4.6M To
Bring Conversational Chatbots Into A New Age

03.10.19 // Satisfi (Fall 16)

“Whenever you walk through the doors at the Barclays Center or Citi Field, there is a knowledge management platform hard at work behind the scenes. Satisfi Labs is the AI-powered knowledge management platform that ensures that visitors have the best experience, managing everything from concession and lounge traffic to the VIP season ticket holder experience…”

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Stadia Ventures’ Mike Bynum: We’ll Find
Ways to Move Forward in Remote Environments


“Stadia Ventures is a sports-focused venture firm and accelerator program based in St. Louis that has more than 40 companies in their portfolio, with five exits to date. We recently spoke with Mike Bynum about how startups are adjusting while sports aren’t being played and budgets are being affected around the world…”

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Sports Communication Platform
Teamworks Raises $25 Million


“Teamworks, an athlete engagement platform that grew up in the college sports space and has since expanded to the professional ranks, announced yesterday that it has raised $25 million in Series C funding led by Delta-v Capital. The round also includes participation from new investors Afia Capital, a private investment platform backed by pro athletes, and Stadia Ventures, a global sports innovation hub…”

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Rapsodo’s & Stadia Venture’s Art Chou:
Always Answer The Cold Calls


“The former executive at Titleist and Rawlings was doing independent consulting in 2014 when a pair of cold inquiries led to his two current gigs as Rapsodo’s GM of North America and his co-founder/director role at Stadia Ventures…”

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St. Louis VC Firm Names
Director For Its Accelerator Programs


“The appointment marks a quick rise for Mike Bynum since joining Stadia Ventures in January 2019, when he started there as an intern while finishing up his MBA at Washington University…”

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Stadia Ventures’ Tim Hayden
On Expanding From Sports To Esports


“When St. Louis-based venture capital firm Stadia Ventures launched in 2015, it was primarily focused on traditional sports—co-founders Tim Hayden and Art Chou had both worked in that space prior to establishing the company…”

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Greg Norman Invests In Alternative
Sports Commentary Provider Spalk

10.02.18 // Spalk (Spring 18)

“Spalk, a company that allows viewers to choose their preferred language, style, or even team bias for commentary, has announced a $1.5 million seed round. Former professional golfer Greg Norman and his business, the Greg Norman Company, led the investment. Stadia Ventures, Ice Angels, and Sparkbox ventures also contributed…”

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5 Companies Picked For
Stadia Ventures Fall Cohort


“Stadia Ventures announce its Fall 2018 cohort for its sports and esports business accelerator. Based in St. Louis, Stadia Ventures is an early-stage, sports- and esports-focused venture capital firm with an accelerator program. Since 2015, Stadia Ventures has invested in…”

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Sports Startup Accelerator Stadia
Launches New $25 Million Fund


“Stadia Ventures, the St. Louis-based business accelerator for sports startups, has started raising toward a new $25 million venture fund. According to documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission…”

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LaunchPad City and Stadia Ventures
Hold Incubator For Esports Startups


“How does an esports company get its footing? A simple question with an infinite amount of possibilities. Venture capital firm, Stadia Ventures is hoping to answer that for startups entering the esports space…”

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Stadia Ventures’ Spring 2018 Cohort Graduates
With Hometown Demo Day


“After fourteen-weeks of intense mentoring and business development, the four sports business startups—FocusMotion, GamerzArena, IdealSeat, and Spalk—in the Stadia Ventures Spring 2018 cohort finally graduated from the Stadia Accelerator on June 15th…”

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Fishidy, Developer of Tech That Aids Anglers,
Sold to Flir Systems

05.24.18 // Fishidy (Fall 15)

“Fishidy, a startup that has developed map-based tools to help fishing enthusiasts document and share information, was acquired in April by Flir Systems, a developer of thermal imaging cameras and sensors…”

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St. Louis Sports Accelerator Launching
Program In Frisco, TX


“A St. Louis, Missouri sports startup accelerator is making its move into North Texas. Stadia Ventures announced Friday that it’s aligning with LaunchPad City in Frisco to launch its first accelerator program in the region, which will debut a new esports-focused track…”

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Stadia Ventures To Launch
Esports Accelerator Program


“Stadia Ventures, a St. Louis-based sports innovation hub, has announced it’ll launch an esports accelerator and expand its sports accelerator program to Frisco, Texas. The sports-focused venture capital firm has teamed up with LaunchPad City, a business incubator in Frisco, for the new esports-focused accelerator program…”

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St. Louis Will Share Stadia
Accelerator With Dallas Suburb


“Stadia Ventures, which has run its sports accelerator program in St. Louis since 2015, is branching out to Frisco, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. Beginning this fall, Stadia says, the five or so startups it selects for a 14-week accelerator program will split their time between St. Louis and Frisco…”

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Sports Startup Firm Considers
Frisco A Home Run


“The Texas trip was hosted by LaunchPad City, which works with startups and has been in talks to bring a branch of Stadia Ventures to town. Its vision focuses around sports and e-sports.”

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3 Los Angeles-area Sports Startups
Get Investments From Stadia


“Stadia Ventures, the St. Louis-based accelerator that invests in sports startup companies, has bought into four new companies. Each of the four companies — three of which are located in the Los Angeles area with the other from Pittsburgh…”

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St. Louis Ties Pay Off
For Canadian Sports Entrepreneur


“Joe Shuchat is the founder of sports software firm Winning Identity, which he sold in 2016 to Blast Motion of Carlsbad, Calif. Blast Motion’s software shows analysis of a golfer’s putting stroke on a smartphone…”

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Why 2 Canadian Startups Are Setting
Up Shop In StL


“They say growth begins where your comfort zone ends. A pair of Canadian entrepreneurs are applying that advice to the business of sports data. John Thorp and Joe Shuchat have taken their startups, Winnipeg-based BodiTrak Sports and Toronto’s Winning Identity, to St. Louis in order to explore global markets and accelerate business growth by joining innovation hub Stadia Ventures…”

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5 Companies Selected for SFIA
‘Start-Up Challenge’


“A select group of five finalists have been awarded entry to the inaugural Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) ‘Start-Up Challenge,’ to be held this fall at the 2016 SFIA Industry Leaders Summit. The SFIA collaborated with Stadia Ventures Founder & Managing Director Art Chou, to carefully vet and select five finalists.”

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Stadia Ventures Announces Spring 2016 Accelerator Demo Day Highlights Five Sports Tech Companies


“Stadia Ventures celebrates the completion of its second sports business accelerator cohort with a Demo Day at Gateway Motorsports Park. The theme of the event is Sports+Investing and is headlined by a panel discussion on sports investing that includes…”

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St. Louis Ties Pay Off For Canadian
Sports Entrepreneur


“Joe Shuchat didn’t move his company to St. Louis as intended, but he gives this city credit for the big break that changed his plans. Shuchat’s Toronto-based startup, Winning Identity, was one of the first participants last year in a sports-business accelerator launched by Stadia Ventures.”

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Stadia Ventures–Demo Day at
the Racetrack


“When you talk about the legacy of St. Louis and the passion for sports combined with what’s next, you get Stadia Ventures. We’re going to take another field trip to Gateway Motorsports Park for Stadia Ventures, investment fund and accelerator for sports technology startups, for their Demo Day.”

(Listen to Interview)

Stadia Ventures Has Added These Five Startups To Its Spring 2016 Sports Accelerator Program


“Stadia Ventures, the growing sports accelerator out of St. Louis, has announced the selection of five sports startups that will be entering their Spring 2016 Sports Accelerator program. Here they are in alphabetical order…”

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Two Canadian sports startups
move to St. Louis


“Two sports technology firms from Canada are moving their headquarters to St. Louis to be close to Stadia Ventures, an investment and consulting firm. Winning Identity is moving here from Toronto and Boditrak Sports is moving from Winnipeg.”

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Stadia Ventures — Investing in Sports
Technology Start-ups


“Stadia Ventures is a first-of-its-kind investment fund for sports-related technology start-ups and its based in St. Louis. Michael and Travis talk with the co-founders, some of the start-ups in the first cohort, and representatives from IBM Watson and Under Armour, who are supporting the fund.”

(Listen to Interview)

Nicklaus: Sports Startups Find Warm
Welcome In St. Louis


“Joe Shuchat founded his company in Toronto and participated in a business incubator in Orlando, Fla., but he says two dozen days in St. Louis have been his most productive time as an entrepreneur.”

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Sports Accelerator Stadia Ventures Holds
First Demo Day


“We hope someday we’ll be building an office building in Ballpark Village for one of these companies,” Bill DeWitt III (President, St. Louis Cardinals) said. “For us it’s a wonderful opportunity to seed and support these young companies, and we’re rooting hard for them to succeed.”

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St. Louis Sports Accelerator To Demo Their Startup’s Success At Busch Stadium


“Besides the Dodgers and RGA joint accelerator, there is another sports accelerator that is worthy of the sports industry’s attention. It is called Stadia Ventures and it is based in downtown St. Louis.”

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Stadia Ventures Announces Inaugural Cohort in Sports Business Accelerator


”After receiving over 175 applications from all over the world in 30-days, Stadia Ventures, the Sports Innovation Hub, is excited to announce their inaugural cohort for their Stadia Sports Business Accelerator.”

(Read Full Press Release)

New St. Louis Accelerator Will Invest In
Sports-Related Startups


“St. Louis already has accelerators for technology firms, agribusiness, biotechnology, women-owned startups and financial firms. On a per capita basis, we may be the accelerator capital of the world. Since we claim to be a great sports town, it makes sense to add fun and games to the mix.”

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Stadia Ventures Launches Accelerator and Expects to Invest $10M in Sports Startups


“Stadia Ventures, the Sports Innovation Hub, announced the launch of Stadia Accelerator, a business development accelerator for sports-related startups. Stadia Accelerator expects to invest $10M over the next five years to help sports startups get to the next level through the combination of up to $100,000 in equity investment, intensive mentoring, and connections to the top sports business executives in the country.”

(Read Full Press Release)

Sports Business Accelerator Launched By SLU Entrepreneurship Director


“Tim Hayden, Saint Louis University’s director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, has launched a new sports business accelerator called Stadia Ventures that will publicly launch Friday night at the Cambridge Innovation Center in Cortex.
Stadia, also founded by former Rawlings executive Art Chou, will invest $100,000 in sports related startups twice a year and pair them with mentors in the region.”

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I’m always amazed with how much Stadia has grown and how much the cohorts improve. It’s a great program and I'll always recommend it.

Lorin Hamlin, Head of Innovation Partnerships

Under Armour

I cannot believe how far we’ve come in 90 days. “Accelerator” doesn’t even begin to explain it. Maybe “rocket propelled” would be more fitting. So many talented people in sports, tech, outdoor and beyond mentored us. My network grew tremendously. My skills and knowledge grew even more. And we have a better business because of it.

Brad Luttrell, Founder & CEO


You win with people and Stadia sets themselves apart because of the people they are. And that they’re so willing to introduce to larger networks that you probably haven’t met before…and just help.

Anne Flannery, Founding Board Member

Women's Basketball Hall of Fame

After speaking with two cohorts this year, it’s led to two different partnerships with our conference and our member teams.

Amy Huchthausen, Commissioner

America East Conference

Stadia has created a powerful program to fuel activity in the sports entrepreneurial marketplace. Great resources, advisors and a passion for innovation makes the Stadia program an invaluable launch pad for emerging sports and esports businesses.

Chris Zimmerman, President & CEO

St. Louis Blues

I can definitely say the program was invaluable to my company and my professional development. Each week we focused on different important elements related to creating great brands and businesses. We had thought-leading guest speakers, beneficial exercises, and we received constructive critiques that made our businesses better.

Brian Jensen, Founder & CEO

Fishidy (Acquired by FLIR Systems)

We want to see technology that’s worth our time to look at. I get to know the startups that have been vetted, researched and diligenced by Stadia, and I know that I’m seeing the best of the best so it saves me time and money.

Javier Altamirano, Dir of Innovation

For the intersection of sports and technology, we’re a 100 year old company…but we’re always looking for the next 100 years. Stadia is a great place to find new talent, new startups, new technologies, and just a new way of thinking.

Bob Thurman, VP of Innovation


The Stadia Accelerator was a game changer for our business. The guest speakers they brought in were world class industry leaders. The mentor team put us in a position to take our business to the next level. I would strongly recommend Stadia to any and all sports startups.

Joe Shuchat, Founder & President

Winning Identity (Acquired by Blast Motion)

I like the opportunity to see Stadia’s companies first hand so that I can implement their technologies in our franchise and accelerate our growth. In addition, we get the chance to see the most cutting edge technology that’s emerging from across the world.

Khalia Collier, Owner & General Manager

St. Louis Surge

My expectations were exceeded by coming into Stadia…and having access to the wealth of information from teams and brands was extremely invaluable.

Meredith Cass, Founder & CEO

Nix Biosensor

Stadia is not only interested in the companies that they’re investing in, but they’re truly interested in the people that are part of those companies. That sets Stadia apart from everyone.

Barry McPherson, Minority Owner

Frisco RoughRiders

I come because of the community that Stadia has built. Some of the best minds within sports and technology from around the world.

Clyde Hutchinson, Chair

Sports Tech Ireland

Stadia is very unique in terms of how they bring us all together from every facet of sports and esports. We have interesting conversations and the networking that’s involved is second to none. It’s a perfect opportunity to learn about technology, about business, and I find myself saying that’s a great question or a great technology.

Jim Connolly, Dir of IT

Columbus Blue Jackets

Stadia Ventures truly fills a void by helping entrepreneurs bring innovation to the world of sports. The St. Louis Cardinals have enjoyed partnering with Stadia and their cohort companies as they develop new sports technologies and innovations.

Dan Farrell, SVP for Sales and Marketing

St. Louis Cardinals

Stadia network has a wide variety of people involved and it grows year after year. Once you’re involved you stay for life, and it has turned into a big family.

Declan O’Neill, VP of Business Development

World Wide Technology Raceway

Stadia has opened my eyes to some great avenues for thought and innovation. This exposure is a great help in directing the USGA’s activities.

Hunki Yun, Dir of Strategic Projects

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