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FirstLook Be the first to check out new sports products

Stadia Ventures is committed to innovation in sports technology. That’s why we are excited to announce our newest division – Stadia FirstLook, which is focused on consumer-driven product innovation, providing consumers an opportunity to help determine which products come to market and have a voice in the product development life cycle.

Stadia FirstLook is a sports innovation marketplace designed to bring the latest sports technologies and innovations to life through a network of inventors, merchandisers and savvy consumers. Stadia FirstLook products will be brought to market by Stadia Ventures and distributed by national merchandisers like Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Stadia FirstLook is supported by a collaboration with SportTechie to identify the best new innovations in sports and give early adopters the opportunity to try new sports tech before it hits the shelves.

Stadia FirstLook creates this marketplace through two main programs:

  • Open Innovation Searches
  • New Product Crowdfunding
Open Innovation Searches are our open casting calls for new technology. These are in response to specific requests from our industry clients and involve exhaustive searches within Stadia Ventures’ inventor/entrepreneur/researcher network. Stadia Ventures acts as an innovation funnel for the client, breaking down the large pool of applicants into vetted, qualified finalists.
New Product Crowdfunding helps industry partners make decisions on new products through crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Partners gain invaluable customer feedback on issues like key product features, pricing, and market demand. New Product Crowdfunding projects also helps companies identify early adopters and gain critical early market acceptance for their new product introductions. Think of it as an insurance policy for the increasingly high cost of product development projects.

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