Fall 2015 Cohort

Stadia Ventures Announces Inaugural Cohort in Sports Business Accelerator

ST. LOUIS, September 16, 2015 – After receiving over 175 applications from all over the world in 30-days, Stadia Ventures, the Sports Innovation Hub, is excited to announce their inaugural cohort for their Stadia Sports Business Accelerator.

Stadia Accelerator helps sports business startups get to the next level through the combination of up to $100,000 in equity investment, intensive mentoring, and connections to the top sports business executives in the country.

The four sports business startups entering the Stadia Accelerator Fall 2015 cohort include:

Fishidy (Madison, WI) – Brian Jensen, founder of Fishidy, created the most advanced location-based fishing social network that provides hot-spot maps, local reports and tools to help you catch more fish. With over 300,000 users, they are ranked #2 on World Fishing Network’s list of “Top Mobile Fishing Apps.”

LEIF Technologies (Brooklyn, NY) – Aaron Aders, founder of LEIF Technologies, makes the one and only patented-electric skateboard that shreds like a snowboard. With a successful Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign, they created a board that allows you to shred year-round…anywhere in the world.

Rookies (St. Louis, MO) – Matt Sebek, founder of Rookies, creates fully personalized baseball cards for all of life’s big events. Within minutes, users can edit everything about a baseball card; the photos, the text, and the color. They spare no detail in creating packs of baseball cards that rival the ones you opened as kids.

Winning Identity (Toronto, Canada) – Joe Shuchat, founder of Winning Identity, provides golf software solutions to maximize athletic performance potential and heighten motivation for new generations of golfers in one centralized location. Leveraging partnerships with the Golf Channel Academy, they are helping athletes and teams achieve their goals.

Today, the founders of these four sports business startups will begin a 10-week immersive business development boot camp. Classes will be held on Thursdays and Fridays in St. Louis, MO. Their experience will culminate with a Demo Day on Thursday, December 9, 2015 s where they will showcase their accelerated companies to investors, sports business industry executives, dignitaries and the media.

Stadia Ventures co-founder and Managing Director Art Chou states “Many people believe that the road to sports innovation ends in Beaverton with Nike or in Baltimore with UnderArmour. Today, that road starts in St. Louis.”

Stadia Ventures is the Sports Innovation Hub with headquarters in St. Louis, MO. In an industry that demands innovation, Stadia Ventures connects business professionals who share a passion for sports and a need for resources – from capital and networking to education and mentorship. For more information visit: www.stadiaventures.com.

Tim Hayden, Co-Founder & Managing Director

Art Chou, Co-Founder & Managing Director

Most notable was the broad range of expertise the speakers brought to the table. We had consultants, entrepreneurs, investors, technologists - just about everyone that you would want to get advice from as you're growing a business. Our company specifically used financial recommendations, improved the clarity of our brand messaging, and changed our partnership strategy, all resulting from advice given by the speakers.

Tyler Feret, Founder and CEO


I can definitely say the program is invaluable to my company and my professional development. Each week we focus on different important elements related to creating great brands and businesses.We have thought leading speaking guests, beneficial exercises and we receive very constructive critiques that make our businesses better.

Brian Jensen, CEO

The weekly content from Stadia has been substantial, the keynote speakers have been influential, and the mentorship has been invaluable. Stadia hasn't just surrounded our group with big-thinkers; they're also individuals that have experienced success. Amongst the companies that we've personally interacted with: Under Armor, Getty, Anheuser-Busch, the St. Louis Cardinals, and the St. Louis Blues - just to name a few.

Matt Sebek, Founder/CEO

The Stadia Accelerator has been a game changer for our business. The guest speakers they’ve brought in have been world class industry leaders. The mentor team has put us in a position to take our business to the next level. I would strongly recommend Stadia to any and all sports startups.

Joe Shuchat, Founder and President

Winning Identity (now owned by Blast Motion)

GolfNow always has been a company with a start-up spirit, so it’s great to see accelerators like Stadia helping entrepreneurs down the path to realizing their full potential as a business. With GolfNow’s investments in sports and technology, we understand the importance of entrepreneurship and fully support programs like these.

Will McIntosh, SVP of Business Development & Strategy

Stadia has opened my eyes to some great avenues for thought and innovation. This exposure is a great help in directing the USGA’s activities.

Hunki Yun, Director, Strategic Projects

Stadia is creating a powerful program to fuel activity in the sports entrepreneurial marketplace. Great resources, advisors and a passion for innovation makes the Stadia program an invaluable launch pad for emerging concepts.

Chris Zimmerman, President & CEO

Stadia Ventures truly fills a void by helping entrepreneurs bring innovation to the world of sports. The St. Louis Cardinals have enjoyed partnering with Stadia and their cohort companies as they develop new sports technologies and innovations. We look forward to helping Stadia transform St. Louis into one of the leading sports innovation hubs in the world.

Dan Farrell, SVP for Sales and Marketing

The Stadia Ventures Demo Day was an incredible experience. Getting to see their broad network of advisors and mentors, and understanding the guiding role they've played in the success of the startups in their program was an inspiration for new accelerators such as ours. I look forward to continuing to work with Stadia- they've been amazing partners and have been instrumental in helping to set up the infrastructure here at the Sixers Innovation Lab.

Akshay Khanna, VP of Strategy

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